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Custom Orders

If you have a SPECIAL need we will be glad to work with you to design a bag just they way you would like.

For instance, we had a lady with a disability with her legs and feet, who was wheelchair bound. She wanted a pair of slippers, but with a shorter foot length and she wanted the leg portion to extend above the ankle and up the leg about 6-7 inches , in effect this was a sock. We measured her leg diameter and traced her foot onto a piece of paper and was able to make the modifications to suit her particular needs. In another case, a customer wanted a very long narrow bag, so she sent us a self drawn pattern to go by. Custom rice bags may take a little longer to make but, we will price it accordingly.

If you would like a SPECIAL Rice Bag made for you or a loved one,  please fill out this form and we will contact you by email about your specifications. (We will bill you for this Special order.)

Order form can be printed and mailed with foot tracings for slippers, or they can be submitted by email: To use the form you need Acrobat Reader, download and install for free: Download Acrobat Reader .

Use the Custom Order Form .

Rice Bags are for comfort and are not a cure.



Aroma Therapy Rice Bags and wraps help in bringing a soothing relief to many of the following ailments.

DJD, Arthritis, Migraines, Sore Muscles, Tension & Stress, Raynaud's Disease, Carpel Tunnel, Heel spurs, Back Surgery, Tendonitis, Rheumadoid Arthritis, just to mention a few.

Maine Made

"Maine Made" is recognized worldwide as a term for quality and integrity. 

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Rice Bags are for comfort and are
not a cure.